Caroline was born in Stockholm, Sweden on April 20th 1978. With a heritage from Bulgaria and Finland, and living in Italy for many years, Caroline has developed her own style in the areas of illustrations, art and design. In 2002 Caroline graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, Italy. Since then she has illustrated over 25 children's books, web-communities as Stardoll and have had numerous exhibits in Finland, Italy and Sweden. Caroline's works in oil, aquarelle, pantone as well as digital.

Categorizing for Caroline's work is the colorful playfulness and the movements. In her paintings the themes are inspired by travels and journeys, and are for the most figurative.

2009.05.15 - Exhibit: "A taste of Venice" - Oil
2009.04.04 - Calendar: Natur & Kultur - Aquarelle
2009.04.01 - Online: Design of make-up brand - Digital
2008.11.22 - Childrens teaching aid book - Pantone

Contact: caroline@tinterova.com
Website: www.tinterova.com