This is my gallery with pictures and movies from my adventures and happenings.
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here for media, backgrounds and artwork by Sniper.

Broken Akilles´tendon | February 21 - June 21, 2008
Pictures to follow for a whipe will be of me in a a cast or friends beiing active. My MMA-training resulted in a badly torn Achilles' tendon. It was torn in the worst imaginable place, where it as its thickest. and with "massive force", my doctor said. Just like me, my will and mind is stronger than my than physic. PICTURES | MOVIE

Skiing | 2007 & 2008
Gotta love skiing! Been to Åre and Bad Gastein, where I got some flasbacks since I was working there for STS back in 1995.

Audi TTR | 2001-2005
The Sniper AUDI TTR and happenings with the car in focus. Here you will find track days, shows and street race....

Scuba Diving, Bungy and Backpacking | 1993
Took of for Cyprus as a backpacker and worked as a Dive Master and bartender. After a few months I got bored and eft for Egypt, and then also Israel and Jordan. PICTURES | MOVIE

World Whelie Record and |1992
Young and stupid did I team up with people to brake the world wheelie record. We traveled 225 km/h when two on the bike and 190 km/h when three on the bike. Then I manage to do go 215 km/h on regular downhill skiis behind the bike. PICTURES | MOVIE | TV

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